5 Places to see in İzmir, Turkey

5 is not actually a sufficient number for this places to see in İzmir list. There are many places to see in Izmir. This list is just enough for a small trip in the center.

For those who live in big, crowded and relatively chaotic metropolises like Istanbul, Aegean provinces like İzmir are worth living in time. Instead, larger cities are less crowded than cities like Istanbul, weighing more on living conditions, and of course returning to natural life in the city. Of course, not everyone can live in Izmir. Some of them are going there just for holidays and short trips. So, is Izmir a short travel guide? I have prepared 5 places to see in İzmir for you.

Already enjoyable trips.

History and Nature in İzmir

When you decide to make a trip to Izmir, you may have to waive to go to some places if you have limited time. Because the city is suitable for different types of excursions and activities. It is one of the rare places that attract visitors with its cultural and historical as well as nature. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Izmir, you are already very lucky to enjoy the sea and sand in the small coastal towns and you can find the opportunity to visit every part of the city with your own day trips. For those who have little time, we strongly recommend that you see the important places below.

1) Most İmportant Places to See in İzmir , Konak square

If you did not visit Konak Square, you are not considered to have gone to Izmir. Konak Square is not only the center of modern life, it is also home to historical places. The main theme of the postcards is the Clock Tower. Other than that, don’t forget to visit Kemeraltı Bazaar in Konak, have coffee in the historical Kızalarağası Inn and of course eat in the Historical Abacıoğlu Inn. Konak Square is the most important places to see in Izmir list.

2) İzmir Nightlife , Alsancak

If you are looking for a place to have a drink during the day or want to explore night life  ,this place should definitely be in Alsancak. There are different restaurants and bars here. The lively atmosphere is definitely worth a visit. If you can’t do anything, go to the beach and sit down on the grass and enjoy live music.

3) Church of St. Vukolous

This church just doesn’t smell history. It is also home to the press museum. The Greek church is one of the rare buildings that are not affected by the Izmir fire.

4) My Favorite Places to See in İzmir ,Historical Elevator

After visiting the ancient Agora, we can start to visit the street where the famous artist Dino Moreno lived and named after him. This street will take you directly to the elevator. Here you can fall in love with the bird’s eye view of the city and enjoy the sunset.

5) Balçova Cable Car Facilities

Turkey’s second largest cable car cable car Urla title with views of the Facility, and you should definitely see their picnic area.

If you wish, you can take a full day mini-van with a full day tour, including the places on our list, and listen to the history of the city from professional tour guides. This tour is valid for visits with a crowded group.

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